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  • Why do I need my property surveyed?
    You need your property surveyed to clearly define your property lines, ensure compliance with local regulations, avoid disputes with neighbors, and accurately plan for any construction, fencing, or landscaping projects. A survey provides legal documentation of your property's boundaries and features, which is crucial for property transactions, development, or any alterations to your land.
  • How much will my survey cost?
    Many factors determine the cost of a survey. Some of them are: size of parcel, how many sides the parcel has, terrain and vegetation, deed description of the parcel, existence and accuracy of the boundary evidence. Whether the parcel is located in an urban, suburban, or rural area, and the time of the year the survey is being performed.
  • Can I just have one line surveyed?
    Yes and no. If your parcel is located in a subdivided tract, that a surveyor has previously worked in, the surveyor may be able to survey only one line. If your parcel is not in a subdivision, then the surveyor may need to establish your whole parcel and survey beyond your parcel in order to accurately locate that boundary line on the ground.
  • Why are you surveying over there when my parcel is located over here?
    This is asked frequently by our both clients and their neighbors. To accurately locate a parcel, a surveyor may have to spread their search out a few parcels either way in order to collect enough boundary evidence and data to accurately establish the parcel. Many times a parcel is tied into adjoining parcels and the location of the adjoining parcels are needed to determine the subject parcel’s boundaries.
  • If I’m buying or selling a property do I need a survey?
    Yes, a survey would verify the size and shape of a parcel eliminating any issues that could arise later. It would also show any encroachments onto the parcel. A survey gives you a form of protection, while clarifying the location of the parcel. A staked survey will mark the corners of the parcel to give you a physical monument, so you can walk the boundary lines.
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